The Spider Woman's Daughter (kores_descent) wrote,
The Spider Woman's Daughter

He is on his way.

I always know.

Due to the nature of the space between, sometimes it's a day, sometimes it's a week, sometimes hours. But he's on his way.

Mother isn't ready for me to leave yet. The feast isn't for a few days.. hopefully, he'll hold off until then. She won't be ready then, either, but perhaps she'll be more accepting, afterwards. It's nice to let her say goodbye.

Of course, that's the thing about Pluto. He isn't about *nice*, and when you're near a force like his... there is a price to pay. He's shown up just before the climax of the feast before, and I believe he'll do it again, someday.

None of that changes anything. I taste death in the foods we eat, and so, I know it's time.

I hear him in the fields, his chariot makes the noise of a scythe though the grain.
I hear him in the woods, his noise is the sound of the arrow finding it's mark.
I hear him in the waves, where his horses hooves crash on the shore.
I hear him in the marsh, where the cattails sway and sigh with his caress.
I hear him in the fire, where the fat crackles like the path beneath him.
Most of all, I hear him in the beat of my heart.
"All who bleed, must die."
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