The Spider Woman's Daughter (kores_descent) wrote,
The Spider Woman's Daughter


Midsummer... which is such a mis-nomer. "Summer" is just barely begun. Yes, the baby-dangers of spring and the frosts are past, but we are just creeping into warmth. The sun is longest tonight, though, and I enjoy the feel of it on my skin, the way it makes everything easier to see. Mid-summer is summerised by the illumination of the maple leaves, a faint crust of sweat on skin, a smell of tree bark and green-ness. These days, summer tastes like kool-aid, but I recall when it tasted of the sweetness of cool water. Mid-summer is the birds and bugs chirpping, the crack of a thunder storm.

Mother Demeter is happy this summer... the harvests are coming along nicely. Constantly, we ride in fields, in forest, in gardens. Yes, the plants are maturing nicely, yes, the people will have plenty when.... and then she looks away.

I hear she tells the world that it's rape. That I was forced into the underworld. She doesn't let herself see...she can't let herself see, I suppose. She could never believe that I could love them both...

Some days, I see them both. Riding with my Mother, and I can see the death waiting for the end of life... I can see the fates spinning, waiting. Or riding with my beloved Pluto, and I can see the life that was, the growth and the love, how the spirits that reside with us came to be the way they are. Neither of them will ever understand.

My mother was so hurt when I left her. I suppose I just didn't expect that. She was off collecting flowers, just exactly like we did every day. Without change. And here was Pluto.. everything I didn't know about, willing to tell me, to show me. Of course, he never did tell me that once I left with him, I wouldn't be able to return. But, in all fairness, that does overstate the case long as I didn't eat anything, I could return.

When I found out, I was furious, but only momentarily. Pluto, as the courteous host, had offered me nither food nor drink. When I found it suspicious, I asked the Old Woman, the Spider Woman. She cackled at me, and told me of the law. By this point, I was missing my mother, and I swore I would neither eat nor drink, so that I might return to my mother.

Of course, I ate the pomegrante seeds because of her. I was just staring at them, a bowl full, all glossy and red. They reminded me of the perfect fruits of nature.
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