The Spider Woman's Daughter (kores_descent) wrote,
The Spider Woman's Daughter

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Mid summer agian.

I feel like I've just gotten settled back in, and my time here is half over.

The crops have finally gotten off to a solid start. Mother is, of course, beginning to forget that I'll be leaving again, which is agonizing.

She surprised me with a new dress yesterday. She's always doing things like that.. making me clothes that I'll probably never wear.

Some days, I don't miss the underworld at all. The sun is on my skin, the smell of the field in my nose, the sound of my mother singing in the background, and most especially the feeling of having works a good solid day, knowing that I am strong and capable, that I can accomplish what I set out to do. These, not the dresses, are what brings me back here. It's the sweet taste of the grains I've raised myself that's so special about this place.
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