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Persephone's Descent

...Why I go back...

The Spider Woman's Daughter
Be un-surprised, this is a "fake" journal. As such, any resemblance to persons, places, etc. living or dead is, if not purely coincidence, then at least not to be taken seriously.

This is life, turned up to 11

Sometimes, life is sexually explicit. Sometimes, people like to be, or should be, warned about that. This journal will, at times, be sexually explicit, probably leaning toward a kink/BDSM way. These posts will be friends-only. To be added to this list, either friend this journal, or leave me a note. Friending this journal or otherwise asking to be friended will be considered a statement saying that you are legally allowed to view this material. I will not take offence if you un-friend this journal at any time, though I would appreciate a note stating your reasons ("I thought this was going to be sexually explict!""You're defiling my Goddess""I just lost interest" etc.).

Who is Kore?

Kore/Persephone is a mostly modern extension of my personal feelings about her mythos. Sometimes, bits of this journal may not be related to Kore. These are pieces that just didn't fit in my "real" journal.